THREAD was presented during the spring edition of the 2017 Textile Symposium by Textielcommissie Nederland.
During the intense 10 minutes a story unfolds in the language of body, textiles and music.

Thread, Alya Hessy, 2017

Thread, Alya Hessy, 2017. Photo Erna Sambeek

First there was a dot
The dot continued into a line
The line became a thread — an offer of possibilities

The thread was wound upon itself
— looping
enveloping —
Forming a sphere of potential

The sphere
Marked a place in space

Just being there
It appeared to be resting
Lengths and lengths of potential concentrated in
A dot in space

Was the dot lonely?
Was there some longing for a touch?
Was it even

The complete text will appear in a publication Studies in Textiel by Textielcommissie Nederland